Best Wireless Laptop Mouse for Productivity in 2020

In this article, we will check out the best wireless mouse for laptops in 2020. What made this list best is my personal opinion trying to list them based on that price, quality, durability and more. To find out more information about these mouse for laptops read our list of top 5 mouse below.

Number 5: Logitech M330 Silent

Laptops are an essential part of our busy lives and even with the further advancement of smartphones and tablets they still count replace laptops even for productivity. However, every user knows the track pants despite being very involved these days call quite replace an old traditional mouse that delivers comfort and functionality at the same time.

It’s important for laptop users the travel a lot to have a fairly quiet mouse for that purpose I have here the Logitech M330 Silent this amount is also wireless model rocking a great battery life has tons of comfort and clean design this very attractive for productivity uses simply one of the best.

In the design department the Logitech M. 330 so it looks pretty utilitarian and simple coming in with a shiny black plastic body in a rubberized mats compartment for a better grip. You will also spot a Logitech logo there as well and other than that this mouse doesn’t have any tricks or details in the design and aesthetics department.

This amount is also pretty small wind tiny measuring 4.15 by 2.67 by 1.51 inches in total and weighs just 3.2 ounces. Meaning you won’t have any difficulty operating this mouse just with your fingers and I have to tell you that if you use a full palm creek this isn’t the best match for you.

In terms of features and buttons the Logitech M330 silent and is very modest as a house just 3 buttons which is a little disappointing considering the thumb buttons would be beneficial here but then again it’s a very cheap mouse for what it offers elsewhere.

The biggest selling point of the Logitech M. 330 sign in is it silent operation as its name implies it has 90 percent noise reduction on these buttons meaning you won’t hear it unless you concentrate a lot. It operates with a single AA battery that has a life of about 24 months with average use meaning that you won’t have to change batteries anytime soon.

Price: $20

Amazon product page link

Number 4: Apple Magic Mouse 2

Next up I have one of the most streamlined and attractive mice in the market the apple magic mouse 2. This device works just like it advertise with amazing comfort a unique set of features I’m perfect design that’ll get you hooked in a way. It’s also why this works perfectly with Mac and is pretty much an ambidextrous mouse perfect for lefties as well.

In terms of design and aesthetics the apple magic mouse 2 is one of the best coming with a beautiful white party company arch body that’s just 0.85 inches tool. On top of that the device weighs just 3.42 ounces in total I think lights on top of any service you want to use it on thanks to its pair of low friction strips on the bottom to make it very easy to track on surfaces.

On top of the mount you see no buttons at all just an acrylic body that senses touch and gesture controls which is perfect when you think about it. While you can use this mouse with windows or Linux systems with a few workarounds I won’t recommend going through all the hassle. If you have a mac system this will be your best friend. It’ll connect your mac device just by turning it on on a quick tap on the top very seamless and quick super easy and intuitive.

The connectivity is made possible by the plea to 3.0 connection which makes things extremely quick and super easy. You won’t notice any input lag or stutter during its operation delivering a super smooth presentation.

The comfort level of the apple magic mouse 2 is just on a league of its own not due to its shape both thanks to its functionality in light weight body the gesture controls of the mouse just make it super and there’s nothing that can be compared with it today.

Price: $74

Amazon product page link

Number 3: Logitech MX Ergo

For users the one comfort productivity and functionality above anything else I have the Logitech MX Ergo. Which is essentially a trackball mouse the superior one in every aspect.

This mouse as it starts is very comfortable very compact and portable and is the best tool in my opinion for content creators and designers that need accurate and precise movements form a mouse.

The track ball is super smooth is adjustable to different angles has wireless connectivity and has tons of buttons that you can make yourself so definitely one of the best.

To be correct the trackball mouse is not a new thing since he’s been the originally before our beloved ones came in. Talking about the looks the Logitech MX Ergo that looks like a normal mouse unlike other trackball mice that rock a very strange looking ambidextrous design. This one has a normal mouse look with a trackball located where you place the thumb and the other buttons that are now located on the left hand side of the left click button.

The scroll wheel on this mouse however can be pushed to the left or right to act as an extra button for more functionality. There is also a button on this mouse it’ll help you switch between the USB dongle and Bluetooth the multi device operation. If I have to state the disadvantage of this device I have to say that the cleaning process of the trackball mechanism which keeps up dirt and dead skin a lot you have to repeat the cleaning process about 2 times a month at the very least.

As its name implies the Logitech MX Ergo delivers an ergonomic angle and can be tilted to 20 degrees to deliver better grip functionality.

The battery life of this device is pretty long as well as it surpasses the 2 month mark and you can recharge its battery quickly after it runs out of juice.

Before the Logitech MX Ergo I haven’t tried a trackball mouse however after the first few hours of wrestling with it it feels pretty good for each job.

Well it isn’t going to replace you gaming house built for productivity it’s the very best thing you can find super precise accurate comfortable and just marvelous.

Price: $90

Amazon product page link

Number 2: Anker Vertical

I’ve always thought the vertical lines are a little strange despite long time users and preaching their existence. However after a few hours with the Anker vertical I notice that the ergonomics and comfort that you get from the vertical mouse simply priceless.

The Anker mouse is also one of the most popular products on Amazon is very gene is wireless and has an optical sensor that allows the device to work on every surface.

As a proper vertical mast these devices to older than any traditional mouse that you’ve ever seen measuring about 3.98 by 3.23 by 3.15 inches in total and has a shape that lets you grip it is if you’re giving a handshake.

It’s a little weird at first but this is extremely comfortable and it will take some time to get used to it. However, thanks to the minimal risk twisting and natural position you won’t feel any discomfort and you’ll notice the offer while.

Also, this mouse weighs just 3.46 ounces in total despite having a pretty hefty look to it on top of that the build quality is excellent as with any Anker device despite being pretty budget-priced.

The Anker Vertical utilizes a pair of AA batteries to function which should last about 3 months with an average use of 8 hours a day and after that you’ll need to swap them.

The effective working range of the and because it was pretty good as well thanks to its 2.4 G. wireless connection that works with the receiver.

The optical sensor functions on every single flat surface you can find delivering great functionality while also rocking 3 DPI levels for sensitivity.

Well, my favorite feature about this mouse is that it has a battery-saving feature that turns off after 8 minutes of activity to save battery life.

On top of that, it also has the back and forth options that make productivity smooth and fast the best ergonomics package in the market what it will take some time to get used to it you will rejoice definitely with this mouse.

Price: $26

Amazon product page link

Number 1: Logitech MX Master 2S

This mouse works on any surface that has a super comfortable shape and ergonomics is compatible with a wide range of devices that deliver tons of money for its price hikes of fan favorites.

I have to start off by saying that the Logitech MX Master 2S is extremely aesthetically pleasing in terms of design and shape and it comes in 3 interesting colors consisting of graphite light gray and midnight tail.

The body of the device has a nice texture to it has a large thumb grip on top which is on the larger side of things measuring 5.3.4 by 2 inches in total allow you to get a perfect palm grip.

However I would mention that this house is a bit heavy compared to other models weighing 5  ounces in total.

The speed isn’t affected though and the economics package and comfort of this mouse a well worth its weight.

Besides the traditional controls, this mouse has tons of extras including the additional scrolling way let the film this perfect horizontal scrolling wall checking spreadsheets and stuff like that.

On top of that, you also get the back and forward button and thumb pad recognize gestures while you also get the mode shift and the device select a button the multi-device operation.

The productivity prowess of the Logitech MX Master 2S is perfect but you can game with a perfect as well thanks to its low latency DPI switch and sniper button features.

The dark field sensor track the movement correctly and have a sensitivity of up to 4000 DPI on every surface.

The very best mouse in the company’s lineup for laptops. Well worth its premium price the Logitech MX Master 2S delivers everything you may wish for.

Price: $86

Amazon product page link

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